Completing, signing, and sending a check request form electronically is easy and convenient, however getting started can take a few steps.

To start using the check request form, you will need a PDF reader. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is available for free and will be used to demonstrate how to electronically fill and sign a check request form. Click the link to above to go to Adobe’s site where you can download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Please note that this guide assumes that you are using a Microsoft Windows operating system.

To download the Check Request Form, click the download link above. Depending on your computer settings, this will likely open and display a blank check request form in your internet browser. Although you can enter data into this form on the browser, you will be unable to save or sign the document. You will need to download the file to your computer. To download, find the download icon along the right hand-side of the toolbar above the form. The download icon looks like a downward pointing arrow and a line, which is also outlined in the picture to the right. This toolbar will automatically disappear if the mouse is not moved for a few moments. If the toolbar disappears, move your mouse to make it appear again.

Once you have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and have downloaded the blank check request form, you will need to open the form with Acrobat Reader DC. To do this, locate the check request form file, and right-click on the file icon. After you have right-clicked a new menu will appear, and you will need to locate the ‘Open with’ option. Hovering your mouse icon over the ‘Open with’ option, you will see another menu. In this menu you should see ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader DC’ as an option. Left-click the ‘Adobe Acrobat Reader DC’ option. This will launch the program in a new window.

Once Adobe opens, you will see a blank copy of the check request form. There are several fields on the form that will appear in a light blue color, with some of these surrounded with a red boarder. These blue fields are where you will enter information related to your request. Fields with red boarders are required in order for your form to be considered complete. Required sections are also denoted with an asterisk (*). Incomplete request forms may be rejected or returned to completion.

With the form open, you can start filling out the check request. To easily navigate between fields, press the ‘Tab’ key after you have finished entering information into one field. The ‘Tab’ key will move you to the next field and allow you to start typing. If you are not sure about what is required in a specific field, you can hover your mouse cursor over a field for a few moments to be provided with a helpful tool-tip.

Please note that the form will not automatically calculate mileage reimbursement, or total all expenses being requested. You will need to calculate these values and enter them into the form.

Once you have completed the top and middle portions of the form, you will be left with the approval box. If you are completing the form and have final authority to approve requests, you can complete the approval section and prepare to electronically sign the request. If you do not have final authority to approve requests, you will need to send the request to whomever can approve it for them to complete the approval section. Please read ahead for instructions on how to save or e-mail the partially completed form.

Now that you have completed all of the other fields on the check request form, you are ready to electronically sign the document. Please note that one you electronically sign the document and save or send it, making edits to the document will not be possible. Ensure that all required fields have been filled, and that all information in the request is complete and accurate prior to e-signing. A new request may need to be completed if there is a change in an electronically signed request.

To e-sign, you will need to locate the ‘Fill & Sign’ option the right-hand sidebar and click it. After your click, a different toolbar will appear above the check request form with an icon that resembles a fountain pen tip followed by ‘Sign’. Click this ‘Sign’ icon. After clicking the icon, a menu will appear with the options of ‘Add Signature’ and ‘Add Initials’. Select ‘Add Signature’.

A new window will appear on your screen. This window will show a enlarged signature line with options at the time of the window that say ‘Type’, ‘Draw’, and ‘Image’. You can chose to type your name, draw your signature with your mouse, or use a scan/image of your signature to sign the form. In the example image, we chose to draw the signature using our mouse icon. After you are satisfied with your electronic signature, you can click the ‘Apply’ button to bring your signature to the document. You will then need to place the signature in the ‘Approving Signature’ field on the form, and resize it to fit.

On the signature window, you can choose to have Acrobat save your signature for future use. This is a great way to save time when completing future requests. However, if you are using a shared or unsecured computer, you may not want to have your signature saved for future use.

When your request is completed, approved, and signed, or if you need to send an pending form for final approval, it is time to save it and send it to bookkeeping. Towards the top, left corner of the Acrobat program window there is a ‘Save’ and ‘E-Mail’ button. Although you can save your completed form with this save button, it is recommended that you use the ‘Save As’ function. ‘Saving as’ will let you easily give your completed form with a unique name, such as ‘Smith Check Request 1-1-17’. To ‘Save As’ click the ‘File’ icon and find the ‘Save As’ option, or use the key shortcut of ‘Shift + Ctrl + S’.

After you have saved your request with a unique name, you can click the ‘Mail’ icon in Acrobat and select ‘Send File…’. ‘Send File…’ will open your e-mail system, such as Outlook and attach your request form to the e-mail. You can also open your browser based e-mail, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Office365, and attach the request form to your e-mail message. Please be sure to attach copies or scans of supporting documents and/or receipts pertaining to the request, to your e-mail message. Once your request and supporting documents are attached, you can send your e-mail to an approving party or to bookkeeping.

Adobe Acrobat software is also available free for smartphone and tablet users. This can allow you to fill out, sign, and send a check request from your smartphone or tablet device. Please refer to your smartphone or tablet application for details on form completion.

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